Compassion Collection



Compassion – for the earth, for others and for yourself, is our second collection. Each box supports a varied range of rich traditional cultures across Asia. From bamboo crafting and hand-printed textiles to hand-making products using natural ingredients, every artisan brings their unique skills to create one-of-a-kind items for you. Find out more about the brands in the Compassion collection below!


This all natural goodness from Sran Naturals, a family-run business, is made from 100% natural ingredients sourced from Thai local farms. An invigorating blend of peppermint, rice, coconut oil and sea salt, this handmade bar of soap is an all natural treat for your skin.


These gorgeous coasters by BOPE will definitely be a #seriouslyconscious conversation starter when friends comes over for a drink! Made from recycled plastic handpicked from the streets of Thailand, they were cleaned, shredded, then melted into purposeful products to give them a second lease of life.


This set of 4 sleek stainless steel straws with 3 different straw styles by The Ethical Supply Co. have you covered for any drinking situation! Smoothie? Juice? Ice Tea? This Australian based mother-daughters business their mission is to completely eliminate single-use plastic straws by providing a friendly alternative. #saynotostraws


This tote bag with the Nasi Lemak print by The Batik Boutique not only helps you do plastic-free grocery shopping but also supports underprivileged women in Malaysia. Each tote bag has been lovingly handprinted and sewn by artisans from Malaysia, giving them opportunities to better their lives through training skills and employment.


Handcrafted from sustainable and environmentally-friendly bamboo, this energy-free music amplifier by Loudbasstard uses the traditional method of bamboo crafting by artisans from Cebu, Philippines. We know our parties and beach hang outs will never be the same again!


The Compassion box is now available using our one-time purchase check out! Limited boxes left, and quickest fingers first!

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