Birthday is a time for reflections. It is also a time to welcome new changes and embracing beginnings.

Sonder Social celebrated our first birthday last month. We recounted the various milestones we have achieved together with you – four socially conscious collections; weddings gifts for guests and bridesmaids, as well as various corporate gifts. Together, we have partnered with 25 social enterprise friends, supported 8 types of causes, and enabled over 2400 hours of gainful employment.

We want to bring you more ways to do good, so that we can open up more opportunities for socially responsible brands to continue their work in creating social values. Last month, we asked our Sonder Social community what they’d like to see for the future of #SeriouslyConscious gifting. We were delighted by the responses and inspired to refresh our brand.

What better time than now?


Yes, you’re reading it right. We’re shaking things up around here. Moving forward, we are shedding our subscription model (crazy, we know!). This new remodel may seem mad, but it has been thought through for many hours, days, weeks, and months.

From the very start, our subscribers have been the strongest advocates of socially conscious consumerism. It is their fervent belief in purchasing with purpose that have enabled our friends at socially responsible brands to create more impact for their communities. Without our subscribers’ support, we could not have moved forward in leaps and bounds! We are sad to see subscriptions go, but equally excited to welcome new changes that will ease more shoppers into purchasing with purpose.

If you are an existing subscriber, the team at Sonder Social wants to thank you for your support over the past year. Here’s what will happen for you and your purchases:

  • If you are a subscriber on our quarterly subscription, you have not been charged and will not be charged for the now-discontinued subscription.
  • If you are a subscriber on our annual subscription, we will in touch in the coming week on any credits or refunds to be made.
  • If you are a new subscriber, we will be in touch in the coming week on any credits or refunds to be made.


We know you love our collections, and we enjoy bundling up the most amazing combinations, to truly let them go. We hear you want more collections, more social causes, and more combinations, made available at varying price points. You don’t just want to buy them for yourself, you also want to gift them away! We hear you, and we’re making it happen!

We’re putting together a whole lot of exciting collections for every gifting season.  No longer do you have to subscribe to purchase a collection. We’ll be making things a whole lot easier for you to ease into a #seriouslyconscious lifestyle!

Don’t want to miss out on the upcoming collections? You can stay tuned to our latest release on Facebook and Instagram, and simply join our mailing list to receive the latest news!