Socially conscious journey

We’re finally here!

After months of speaking to social enterprises and learning about the Asia Pacific conscious consumerism scene, we took our first bold step to create Sonder Social – a vision to foster positive impact through shopping; and a mission to bring everyone closer to enterprises with social impact.

To put it simply: What if for every little thing we buy, we could be doing a little good?

We shop all the time. Groceries, clothes, electronics, homewares, books, things we want, things we don’t need – wait, did we mention groceries? That’s a whole lot of impact we could be doing to protect our Earth and people just by shopping consciously.

Now, we’ve got your attention! Creating social impact through the way you shop sounds impossible, but it actually isn’t! Here are 3 tips to get you started on your #seriouslyconscious journey.

1. Follow socially conscious media channels

Love scrolling through Instagram feeds? Lurking in forums and browsing through Pinterest? Us, too! Following people and brands that strive to shop and source responsibly is your quickest access to the low-down on your conscious shopping options. We’ll be sharing some of our favourites soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

You can stay updated on features and brands we work with on our Instagram, Facebook, and our blog right here. We’ll bring you the latest scoop on responsible brands impacting Asia Pacific, and the quickest access is through our mailing list. Learn quick facts and gain fast tips for your new lifestyle, then throw them out to impress your new and old friends!

2. Get curious and personal when shopping

Shopping isn’t mindless, so ask your favourite brands how are they socially conscious. Are they using recyclable packaging, upcycling unused materials, or offsetting their carbon? Perhaps they donate a large portion of their profits to charities, pay fair wages to their workers, or train and employ marginalised communities. You may be surprised to know you have already been doing good all this while through the brands you support, so get asking!

Haven’t got the time to ask, but you really want to make the change? That’s why we’re here! We ask the hard questions and curate a collection every quarter for you so you can shop at ease. Start building your perfect collection of conscious products with us and we make sure you get to know the stories behind every single item too.

3. Don’t chuck that plastic, packaging, and paper

Just shopped and did not refuse the plastic? Reuse it to bag items for your next grocery trip, or use it as a bin bag.

Your shopping trip came with a ton of packaging? If you don’t want them, someone might! Post it up on your local online shopping platforms or bring it to the nearest junkie collector who might take them for a bit of cash.

Not sure what to make of the advertisements, flyers, and unwanted paper waste? Don’t throw them in your bin of food scraps and trash. Pile them together separately and bring them to your nearest recycling facility so they can be upcycled.

If you’re in Singapore and are looking to rid your unwanted papers, let us know and we’ll take it off you!

Till then, stay #seriouslyconscious!