Life’s an adventure, and we’re glad you are leaving impact footprints wherever you go! Adventure is also about trying new things and we’re excited to be on this journey with you. Take a peak into our Adventurous collection.

Go back to basics with this natural and chemical-free laundry detergent by the DIY Secrets. These organic soap nuts are not only earth-friendly but also gentle on the skin. Use them as laundry detergent or a gentle body wash to support your sustainable lifestyle.

Getting ready for some travel adventures? Made from leftover garments to promote zero waste, this beautiful batik luggage by Yasminida will let your luggage stand out from the crowd!

Work up a sweat on your adventures without a care! Messy Bessy’s Sports Spritzer, made from 100% plant derived ingredients, keeps you and your adventure equipment smelling fresh! Each Sport Spritzer also provides 4 hours of group therapy to at-risk Filipino young adults assisting them through rehabilitation.

Made from up-cycled linen, these colourful handkerchiefs by TriUpcycle aim to raise awareness and eliminate single-use tissues. The profit from the sale of each handkerchief goes towards supporting grassroots organisations who are working to protect our Earth’s precious trees and peatlands, starting with Indonesia.

This small, light and waterproof lamp from Solight can be folded flat, making it portable and great for a night light, a bike light and night vision. Not only that, it’s low white light is perfect as a reading light too. Every lamp contributes to providing lights to their partner organisations — furthering their mission is to deliver solar powered lights to regions of war, extreme poverty, and natural disaster.

Go completely plastic free with these toothbrushes by Feel Good, a revived small family-run bamboo factory in Taiwan. Their 100% biodegradable toothbrushes are made from Moso bamboo and horsehair bristles. Each piece of bamboo handle is also coated with natural sap from lacquer trees, protecting the bamboo from damage.

The Adventurous box is now available here!