Compassion is thoughtful and accepting.

It is when we slow down to listen to the frustration of a fellow human, stripped off societal labels and disregarding rush hours. It is the moments we take a step back, inhale a deep breath, and let nature run its course. Even the smallest decision to consciously pocket our litter and keep trash off the streets is an act of compassion to others and the Earth. The innate motivation to practice thoughtfulness makes us compassionate – it makes us human.

This new year calls for a celebration to embrace the people around us, the nature that surrounds us, and the readiness to be loved. We’re taking on new adventures to refresh our perspectives, and we believe you are doing so, too!

The colours that shapes our collective reflect the energising spirit of a new year. It is a cleaner palette, filled with blue-green tones, creamy colours, and muted greys. They remind us of a serene stroll along the beach, and the awakening scent of rainforest.




The fun always begins with the palette. We spent days after speaking to various socially responsible brands, further understanding their work and social impact. With different missions and visions meant each enterprise measures their impact differently. Yet, they spoke a common tongue – Compassion.

This series is easily a favourite for us. Regional artisans are crafting beautiful lifestyle products from local materials that respect Mother Earth, and all our partners are at each step of the production process to ensure fair wages for all. Through this collection, we’re supporting the repurposing of discarded waste and bringing alternatives of plastics to you. We’re packing in something luxurious for self-pampering, an energy-free amplifier, and a cute tote to bag them all. Compassion is what made the box, and Compassion is what you will receive (literally!).

The Compassion box is available through subscription until 15 March 2018. Check the sneaks here and grab one before they’re all gone!

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