24 November – 24 December 2021

seasonal exclusive  •  fixed delivery dates

earl grey & lavender

Specially crafted using Nilu Tea’s Earl Grey Tea, each cookie is made with premium butter mixed in with beautiful German lavender flowers to give it an aromatic lift.

mint chocolate chip

Specially crafted using Nilu Tea’s Mint Tea, each cookie is made with premium butter, Dutch cocoa powder, and lots and lots of chocolate chips.

green tea, strawberry
& black pepper

Specially crafted using Nilu Tea’s Green Tea, each cookie is made with premium butter, New Zealand freeze-dried strawberries, topped with a candied strawberry and speckled with freshly grounded black pepper.

cinnamon & caramelised
white chocolate

Specially crafted using Nilu Tea’s Cinnamon Tea, each cookie is made with premium butter churned with a generous amount of grounded cinnamon before topping it off with locally-sourced white chocolate that caramelises from the baking process. 

lemon, ginger & thyme

Specially crafted using Nilu Tea’s Ginger Lemon Tea, each cookie is made with premium butter, freshly grated lemon zest, a speck of ginger spice, and a generous dose of freshly chopped thyme leaves.


Financial education is key to a secure future.

Aidha changes the lives of migrant domestic workers and other low-income women in Singapore through financial education. Their unique holistic curriculum includes computer and confidence-building classes in addition to financial education. They also equip students with the skills and confidence to achieve economic security.

There are nearly 250,000 FDWs living in Singapore.

On average, monthly savings increase by nearly 80% amongst alumnae.

They leave behind their children and family in hopes of creating a better future. While their remittances provide much needed financial support to their families, most women return home with little to no savings at the end of their contracts. With your help, foreign domestic workers and lower-income women in Singapore can continue to learn the skills and confidence to save, invest and start businesses of their own.

Students also double the number of productive assets they own and business ownership increases from 6% to over 40%. Aidha students share the knowledge and skills they have learned at Aidha and become business owners, investors, and employers. With a multiplier effect of 9 lives touched for every student, Aidha’s alumnae have already impacted over 45,000 friends, family, and community members in some of the poorest countries in Asia.


Sonder Social

(that’s us!)

We are always on the lookout for ways to make socially conscious gifting fun, and we’re very excited to launch this exclusive range of tea cookies to get you ready for Christmas. All flavours are inspired by Nilu Tea, then tried and tested by us. From classic flavours to the wacky crazy ones, they all taste delectable! We hope you will munch some, gift some, and while at, contribute to education hours to Aidha.

Nilu Tea

(that’s our collaborator)

Nilu Tea is founded by Nilushika Silva Jayaweera, an alumnus of Aidha, where she benefited from their entrepreneur courses and graduated as a social entrepreneur. Her range of ethical teas is sourced from the Kelani Valley and Talawakelle plantations in Sri Lanka, with a portion of the profits channelled towards supporting women in her home country with micro-businesses.