‘Thank you.’

With two simple words, and in varied forms, you have brightened somebody’s world.

We think little of it. When you wave at the driver that gave way to your vehicle; the mornings you greet the barista for your coffee; the moment you decidedly open your heart to someone you trust; the curve of lips at the home-cooked feast before you; and the hugs and kisses you shower upon your child – They are all but the difference you’ve enabled for someone.

Our inaugural box presents Gratitude – an appreciation for the kind strangers along your way; a toast to the friends and family who surround and support you; and a gentle reminder to be kinder to yourself as we draw to a close for 2017.

During our planning stages, we wanted to put together a collection that represents Gratitude. The bright colours of Sonder Social came to our minds for the festive Christmas period, and they became our colour and mood inspiration for the first collective.




With the choice shades, we spoke to six impact-driven enterprises in Asia Pacific of the conceptualisation of Gratitude. Were we glad to learn of their enthusiasm! They share our vision, and together we crafted a selection that will become our (and also your) very first box to support the socially conscious movement.

We know you’re curious, but we don’t want to spoil the fun. We went through textiles, metals, and munchies. We also explored traditions that pay homage to cultures fit for your urban lifestyle. There will be something for your living space, your kitchen, and your work desk. Gratitude will also fill your tummy and keep you chic and warm during those colder days and nights. We are in love with every single piece! Check out the sneak peeks and reveals on our Facebook and Instagram!

Gratitude is all about returning kindness. When you shop your box this December, we want you to thank yourself for showing appreciation to the people behind these enterprises. You have made a conscious change that will save the environment, preserve ethnic cultures, encourage the training and employment of marginalised groups, stop sex trafficking of women and girls, and fair wages for all.

The Gratitude box is out now until 3rd December 2017. Once it’s gone, it won’t be back! Click here to grab it!

Psst. They make great Christmas gifts too!