It’s that time of the year again! Christmas season has finally arrived, and with the health pandemic that has enveloped us with its impacts all year round, this festive spirit is definitely something all of us could use this year. As we celebrate the holidays, we must not forget that some people around the world are not as fortunate and could truly use our giving ability. After all, it is the season of giving.

“How can I buy gifts and give financial aid at the same time? With my tight budget, I can’t possibly donate and buy gifts too?” If that’s what you’re thinking – don’t fret! The simplest way to do so is to shop purposefully.

The concept of buying products with the purpose of benefiting communities – also known as social procurement – allows you to support the trade and livelihoods of communities dependent on their craftwork. By gifting products from impact enterprises to your friends and family, you’re doing good without burning a hole in your pocket. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

What can I buy? What social impact can I support? Where can I get them? For starters, check out Sonder Social, a social enterprise that works with a network of impact enterprises to introduce to you a wide selection of festive products that benefit Asia Pacific social causes. Here are some of my personal picks:

Dark Hot Chocolate

Nothing screams Christmas more than a cup of hot cocoa, and with each pack that you buy, you will make an impact. What is so special about this instant cocoa is that it is locally sourced in the Philippines, supporting a farming village in Davao through the employment of villagers and scholarships for their children.

Handpoured Soy Candles

Don’t forget to make your house smell amazing this Christmas! These candles are made in Indonesia and are handcrafted by local woman artisans. For each purchase made, employment and livelihood in that community is improved. Not only that, local communities are given healthcare, clean water, improved education and more. Also, the soy wax used emits little to no soot, making it better for the environment and your health too!

Owl Christmas Ornament *

Decorate your Christmas with these adorable little owl trinkets and help the Ton Fai community this holiday. Handmade by the group of fruit and rice farmers in Thailand, these ornaments when purchased, is a source of income for them in between farming and harvesting periods. Rest assured; these farmers are also subject to fair work practices as well. *Only available through our event gifting catalogue

Curious to know more? Let us know your gifting needs. There are more options that you can give to your loved ones to create a positive impact this Christmas.

On that note, happy holidays!


Damien Lim
Intern, Contributor

Damien is passionate about social entrepreneurship.