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Unique and elegant silver earrings featuring metal hoops and hand-rolled paper beads. Made by women in Cambodia seeking to rise above poverty and prevent human trafficking, these earrings give them a means of livelihood.

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Impact Partner: landminedesign

Landmine Design empowers the women of The Minefield Village, situated within the border of Thailand and Cambodia. This village is located in what was once the most concentrated area of landmines in the world. Today, the area contends as one of the most human trafficked borders on the globe and Landmine Design wants to restore the lives and hope of over 500 families squatted on the land where no one wanted. They believe women can break the cycle of human trafficking and poverty in this area if they are equipped with the right skills to do so. By teaching the women how to handcraft jewellery, Landmine Design has avoided young women and mothers leaving their homes to be subjected to vulnerable situations. Instead, their artisans achieve economic opportunities and education at the village, where jewellery making transforms their lives.

Country of origin: United States
Country of impact: Cambodia

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